Woo Audio WA5 耳機/喇叭擴大機

Woo Audio
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    WA5 has been setting the standard for 300B-based all-tube stereo amplifiers among music lovers since 2008. The WA5 features separate speaker and headphone amplifiers in two discrete amplification sections to achieve the highest performance in both forms of usage. The power supply is divided into different units to ensure that the audio signal is pristine and isolated, and advanced output switching enables the user to select speaker or headphone output effortlessly. It is the most versatile amplifier for high-efficiency speakers and any dynamic/planar headphones.

    Unique to WA5 is the user-customizable headphone output (HI/LO power, HI/LO impedance, and HI/LO level) located on the front panel. When used in conjunction, the user can optimize the synergy between amplifier and headphones to achieve the ideal pairing and performance. At maximum, headphone outputs get full eight watts per channel – easy to satisfy the needs of any demanding headphones.

    • Updated to 2nd generation in August 2015
    • Tubes: 6SN7 driver x 2, 300B power x 2, 5U4G rectifier x 2
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tube sockets
    • Single-ended Triode, Class-A
    • Transformer-coupled, Point-to-Point wiring
    • Pseudo-dual power supply, dual chassis design
    • Audiophile-grade premium internal parts upgrade adds the following: V-Cap CuTF input coupling caps (matched pair) 0.15uf/600V, Blackgate bypass (6SN7 cathode) caps 150uf/350V, Mundorf decoupling caps, 100u/500V, Mundorf voltage filtering caps, 220uf/450V
    • WBT Nextgen speaker binding posts and RCA
    • User selectable HI/LO headphone POWER
    • User selectable HI/LO headphone IMPEDANCE
    • User selectable HI/LO headphone LEVEL
    • XLR input x 1, RCA input x 2
    • 4-pin XLR and 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo headphone outputs
    • Speaker binding posts x 2 pairs (left and right channels)
    • ALPS smooth potentiometer
    • Anodized aluminum chassis, available in black or silver
    • Self-biasing with compatible tubes [chart]
    • Global voltage (100v–240v) without a converter
    • Dimensions: Amplifier: 8½"(H), 9"(W), 17"(D) 35 lbs., Power supply unit: 8½"(H), 9"(W), 17"(D) 35 lbs.