Woo Audio WES 旗艦STAX靜電耳機用耳機擴大機

Woo Audio
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    WES (2nd gen) is the ultimate electrostatic headphone amplifier for use with STAX headphones. The new 2nd gen uses a matching quad of output loading chokes utilizing Single Crystal Copper wires (the purest form of copper) with our proprietary winding scheme. The results are a significant improvement in clarity, sound space, dynamic range, and control. WES is a two-chassis system comprising a power supply and a fully balanced amplifier and innovative dual power switch that treats the tubes more gently when starting the unit from cold. Turning on just one of the power switches provides low voltage to the heaters while the WES remains in standby mode. Turning on both power switches allows the unit to operate at full power. WES will reward the listener with reference quality sound without fatigue.

    • Tubes: EL34 power x 4, 6SL7 driver x 4, 5AR4 rectifier x 2, 12AU7 phase inverter x 2
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tube sockets
    • Two 12AU7 phase splitter (unbalanced input to balanced input conversion)
    • Fully-balanced design, Class-A
    • Transformer-coupled, Point-to-Point wiring
    • Pseudo-dual power supply
    • STAX Pro Bias 5-pin EarSpeakers output x 2
    • XLR input x 2, RCA input x 1
    • Auricap capacitors for interstage and output coupling
    • Mills and Kiwame resistors
    • Balanced smooth potentiometer
    • Anodized aluminum chassis, available in black or silver
    • Self-biasing with compatible tubes [chart]
    • Global voltage (100v–220v) without converter
    • Dimensions: Amplifier: 7½"(H), 16½"(W), 12"(D) 20 lbs., Power supply unit: 4½"(H), 16½"(W), 12"(D) 20 lbs., DC cord length: 18” (end to end)